Dear EAHP Friends,


Thank you for visiting the East African Health Project (EAHP) webpage.  I want to take the time to introduce you to our organization and highlight some of our achievements.

EAHP has a long-standing connection and relationship with the East African community in Minnesota and the US. With over 1000,000+ Somali-Americans living in America, our organization is one the most recognizable source of information and education about health and wellness.  It’s volunteer board has invested countless hours ensuring that EAHP is positioned as the premier professional organization of choice in Minnesota for the East African community. We are able to accomplish this through a series of televised community forums and educational events in both in-person and virtual formats. These events not only are a great way to inform, educate and gather concerns and feedback about you’re the community’s healthcare concerns, hold face to face meetings with EAHP to advance health-related education, but also to build lifelong friendships and professional collaborations with the community and organizations serving them.

As an organization, we are focused on demonstrating our values and commitment through:

Service | Dedication | Compassion | Integrity  





Integrity:  We exhibit and advocate ethical conduct in everything we do.


In conclusion, I would like to …..(insert here a final line or favorite quote)


Dr. Osman Ahmed “Haraare”

President, East African Health Project