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Personal Details
Dr. Osman M. Ahmed (Harare)
(651) 776-9603
Mobile (612) 306-0539
1349 Maryland Avenue East
St. Paul, MN 55106
[email protected]
Professional Experience
2004 to Present
Co-founder & Executive Director
East Africa Health Project
  1997 to   2008

Somali Patient Advocate
Hennepin County Medical Center

  • Helping Somali patients to understand health services
  • Translating health materials into Somali language
  • Solving patients’ needs about HCMC
  • Interpreting for Somali patients at HCMC
1996 to 2004

Formerly Chairman, Somali Health Project,
Assistant Director of SAHAN Education Project.

  • Assistant Director of SAHAN Education Project.
  • Organizing cultural recreational and health awareness
  • Holding workshops and seminars for Somali culture
  • Interacting with others mutual assistance organizations, public schools and University of Minnesota


1994 to 1995

Medical Volunteer in Utanga Refugee Camp in Mombassa/Kenya

  • Checked and assisted sick refugees
  • Coordinated and taught health education
1992 – 1994

Medical Coordinator Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim Refugee Camp in Mendera/Kenya

  • Coordinated and implemented health programs for Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim (N.G.O.)
  • Created and operated 5 feeding places for children and women
  • Treated more than 50,000 refugee for different diseases
1991 – 1992

Chairman of Volunteer Medical Board in Kismayo/Somalia

  • Helped victims of civil war
  • Opened 21 feeding centers and collaborated with UNICEF
  • Coordinated hospital operations and kept to continue health structures
1981 – 1990

Director of Community Health Department, Ministry of Health, Somalia Comprising: maternal child health, family planning, school health, nutrition, diarrheal disease control, expanded program of immunization, primary health care, health education and promotion.

  • Coordinated and implemented the programs of above mentioned divisions at national level
  • Developed national Cold-chain system for immunization.
  • Implemented national child-spacing program which is culturally and religiously acceptable to the people instead of family planning.
  • Created primary health care program in rural and remote area using camels as transportation.
  • Coordinated national public health education program.
1975 – 1990

Lecturer of Tropical Disease, Faculty of Medicine Somali National University Mogadishu, Somalia

  • Educated and trained medical students in community medicine and tropical diseases.
  • Provided hands-on internship on epidemic outbreak investigation and preventive medicine.
1975 – 1977

Director of Forlanini Hospital, Mogadishu, Somalia Comprising: tuberculosis, psychiatry, and infectious sections, cover 1500 beds.

  • Coordinated hospital operations, developed and implemented an accounting structure to detail procedure costs by creating separate expenses for the three sections of the hospital.
  • Established an excellent outpatient program for TB section to reduce the burden and cost.
1980 – 1981
Director of Public Health Department, Mogadishu Municipal Government in Somalia
Coordinator environmental health programs.
1972 – 1975
Head of Infectious Section, Forlanini Hospital Mogadishu, Somalia Improved the quality and increased the section capacity from 25 beds to 120 beds. Established and instituted infectious disease control regulations and policies. Created a teaching and training section for medical students and faculty. In the training center, we also implemented a training program for traditional birth attendants, to reduce the lethality of neonatal tetanus, which was very high in the section
1970 – 1972
Regional Medical Officer, Hiran Region in Somalia, Directed one regional hospital and three district hospitals.Coordinated the management of the regional administrative operations. Due to increased highway accident-related casualties, I established a comprehensive emergency medical system, and set guidelines to local authorities to enforce traffic laws to reduce accidents

Serological Survey of Toxoplasmosis in Somalia, which appeared in the Transaction of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, vol. 74, n5- 1980 (article). O Zardi, E. Adorisio, Nuti and Osman M.

Surface Antigen (HBsAG) and the E-Antigen (HGeAG) in Somali patients with acute viral hepatitis (article) same as above journal, vol. 73, N1979 by M. Nuti, G. Thamer, and Osman Harare.

Trattemento Con Amikacina Della Dissenteria Bacillre da Shigella Dysenterieae in Eta Pediatrica. H. Osman, V. Russo, R. Bertucci, A. Sebastiani.

Ricerca Degli Anticorpi Rubeolici in un Campione Della Popolazione di Mogadishu. V. Russo, M.H. Osman, G. Feretti.

Health Development management at Asean Institute for Health Development at Mahidol University in October 15 to November 16, 1990, Mahidol, Thailand.

Intercountry meeting on preparedness and response to meningococcol menigitis outbreaks, September 1989, Damascus, Syria.

Senior level management and training in expanded program of immunization in Colombo, Sirlanka.

Intercountry consultation on appropriated technology in maternal child health, December 1983, Lahore, Pakistan.

Fundamentals of HIV Prevention Counseling training section.
At Minnesota Department of Health, STD and HIV section in October 12, 2004.

HIV Test Results training section,
At Minnesota Department of Health, STD and HIV section in October 13, 2004.

HIV Comprehensive Case Management Core Training on Medication Adherence and Medical update at Minnesota Department of Human Services in April 25, 2003.

The Mini MBA for Nonprofit Organizations.
At The Center for Nonprofit Management University of St.Thomas
From September 14-December 14, 2004.

AWARDS AND HONORS RECEIVED: Bronze medal for implementing rural primary health care and health education.

Champions of Health, in recognition of outstanding efforts to improve community health in 2003 presented from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.

Kiev Medical Institute (USSR), Doctor of Medicine (Pediatrician), 1969.
University of Rome (Italy), Specialization in Tropical Disease, 1979.
Somalia, Italian, Russian, Arabic and English
Available upon request